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Welcome to the Arctic Alaska Region of SCCA

Come have fun with cars! Our region hosts Autocross, Rallycross and TSD Road Rally's. We also value our social time as well, our monthly membership meetings are formatted as more of a social gathering with news and updates about upcoming events from our board members and committee chairs.

Annual Meeting Notice:
October 26th, 2023 6pm to 7:30pm at the BP Energy Center in the Alder/Cottonwood Room.
Elect 2024 Board of Directors, discuss Van Inventory and the direction and roadmap for upcoming events and next year's venues. Zoom link will be available on Facebook.

Monthly Membership Meetings

1st Thursday of the Month

Guido's Italian Restaurant

549 W. International Airport Rd, Anchorage

starting at 6:30pm

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Members are welcome to come and hear about what is in store for 2023. Below is the general agenda for our membership meetings. ​- Establish a quorum, call to order - Attendance, introductions for guests and members - Opening Comments (regional executive or assistant RE) - Review and approval of prior meeting agenda. - Treasurers Report: Monies in all accounts, monthly deposits, expenses, accounts due and accounts receivable, profit and loss for recent events. - Program Reports - Membership - Road Rally - Rallycross - Autocross - Old Business - New Business - For the Good of the Sport/Open Forum - Date for next meeting - Adjournment

2023 Upcoming Events

See our new event pages for more information.

Novice School

April 22nd

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

Autocross #1
Melt! Snow Melt!

April 23rd

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

Novice School #2

Snow Please Melt!

April 29th

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

Autocross #2

April 30th

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

Soldotna Novice School

May 20th

Skyview Middle School

Soldotna, AK

Autocross #3

May 21st

Skyview Middle School

Soldotna, AK

REV Alaska #4
Autocross Charity Event

June 4th

Menard Center

Wasilla, AK

Autocross #5

July 23rd

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

Autocross #6 & #7

August 5th & 6th

Tentative Chugiak High

Chugiak, AK

Autocross #8 & #9

August 26th & 27th

Skyview High School

Soldotna, AK

Autocross #10 & #11 Season Ender

September 16th & 17th

Alaska Raceway Park

Palmer, AK

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