Upcoming Events:

Autocross #1 (points)

April 18

Alaska Raceway Park

$45 Members

$60 Non-Members**

Melt! Snow Melt!

Registration Link HERE

Solo School (Autocross)

April 23

Ground School

April 24

Alaska Raceway Park

$150 including a 1yr

SCCA Membership

The full day school will introduce key concepts of autocross and the dynamics of your vehicle in a performance driving setting.  While the focus is on autocross, you will develop performance driving skills while working with seasoned performance driving instructors. More...

Autocross #2 (points)

April 25

Alaska Raceway Park

$45 Members

$60 Non-Members**

More information to come...

Autocross #3 & Beyond



$45 Members

$60 Non-Members**

Our season dates and locations are still pending approval by the Anchorage School District.

** Non-Member Autocross rate includes a weekend membership. That $15 can be applied towards a membership if you decide to join!

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RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport in the Sports Car Club of America, and the perfect place to see if you have what it takes to powerslide your way to victory. Imagine a scaled down version of a rally stage laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. The entry fees and equipment requirements are considerably less than those necessary to enter any other forms of performance rally, so in most locations one need only arrive at event registration with a sound, hardtop vehicle and the entry fee. Many SCCA Regions have helmets to loan and will assist the first time competitor with entering the appropriate class, making their way through technical inspection and finding their way around the course. Best of all, it's great fun!

Rally, on A Budget

RallyCross is the most cost effective way to gauge a driver's interest and aptitude for "doing it in the dirt" - or in Alaska "on the ice." RallyCross classes are tailored for local entrants but usually categorize cars according to number of driven wheels, engine capability and the style of tires mounted. Unlike Solo, a similar competition staged on paved surfaces, where an entrant's ranking is based on the single fastest run, RallyCross competitions are usually judged on the total of multiple runs.


“Solo®” is the brand name for SCCA® Autocrossing and on paper it seems very simple – use traffic cones to make a mini-roadcourse in a large parking lot or unused airport tarmac and see who can drive it the quickest without hitting any cones or going off course.

Despite the generally low speeds attained during competition, it’s one of the fastest paced, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can find, with barriers to entry so low that many people are able to compete and be competitive at it.

Competitors range from the casual participant who may use the same daily driver that they car-pool with to the hard-core driver who has a special car, special tires and uses lots of vacation days to squeak out every last fraction of a second. In between the extremes, there are levels and classes for different degrees of car modification. There are even classes for ladies and also a Junior Driver program for kids in age appropriate karts.

Whatever your level or car – there is a place for you in SCCA Solo.

If you have never autocrossed before or don’t know the specific details, check out the "I want to Autocross" page. It will give you the basics of participating in an event. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy and there are people to help along the way.

If you have been autocrossing, or want to know more about the different levels within SCCA Solo, keep reading or find out more in-depth information by exploring the right side menus. (Or bottom menus if you're on a mobile device.)

2018 Alaska Jr. Kart Program


Hello all!!!! I have been appointed as the 2019 Road Rally Steward for the Region! I am excited to get things going so I am looking for experienced Road Rallyiest who may have been Rally Master for events around Fairbanks, and Eagle River. I intend on there being four Rally's this year, with at least one being a true TSD in the image of past Mayday Mayday rallies. There will also be a resurrection of the long-standing Bear Paw Rally. If you would like to volunteer to be Rally Master for either of these events please contact me and we can talk about it. I look forward to this season!

~ Terrance Pearson

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