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About Us:

The Arctic Alaska Region was founded to provide a home for Road Rally in Alaska, and we received our Charter from the Sports Car Club of America in 1989. Our Region, which encompasses the boundaries of the State of Alaska, sanctions Road Rally, Solo (aka Autocross), and RallyCross events across the State for our membership and fellow motorsport enthusiasts.

A volunteer-based organization, SCCA has brought training and education up from our extended family of SCCA Members in the Lower 48 to provide Solo Schools, Fire & Rescue Training for Alaska's racing community, and to investigate a Club Racing program in Alaska. The Region remains involved with community activities across Alaska! Come Join Us…

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Upcoming Events:


Monthly Membership

1st Thursday* of the Month

At Guido’s Italian restaurant

(549 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503) starting at 6:30pm.

Members are welcome to come and hear about what is in store for 2023.


Below is the general agenda for our membership meetings.

- Establish quorum, call to order

- Attendance, introductions for guests and members

- Opening Comments (regional executive or assistant RE)

- Review and approval of prior meeting agenda.

- Treasurers Report: Monies in all accounts, monthly deposits, expenses, accounts due and accounts receivable, profit and loss for recent events.

- Program Reports

- Membership

- Road Rally

- Rallycross

- Autocross

- Old Business

- New Business

- For the Good of the Sport/Open Forum - Date for next meeting

- Adjournment

For More information contact:

Terrance Pearson

Regional Executive

Arctic Alaska Region

Sports Car Club of America

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